About the Experience

Welcome to the Experience.  I’m your host, Brian McDonald.

In generations to come, men will speak of the days before the Experience as if it were myth.  Distant, hazy, and long forgotten.  They may doubt that such a time truly existed, that there was ever a time before the Hellsquids crawled into their imaginations and took hold.  But it is true, my friends, far too true that before today, the Experience was purely a glimmer in my fevered brain.

The Hellsquids are an in-joke, somehow intertwined with all the nonsense that rattles around in my headmeat on a nearly continual basis.  The Experience is my attempt at infecting you with my reality.  I’ll be posting music, art, books, comics, links, and anything else that catches my attention long enough to bookmark.  I like strange stuff, sometimes even good stuff, and hopefully you’ll like it too.  I may also post some fiction from time to time, especially my new experiment, 200 Word Stories.  You have been warned.

I hope you enjoy the Experience.  Tell your friends, your enemies, or random passersby.  Whatever gets eyes on the screen.

Be seeing you.


Published on March 7, 2010 at 10:54 pm  Leave a Comment  

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