Metamorphosis 2.0 – a 200 word story

Wide awake, Gregor lay paralyzed in bed. Moonlight fell across his body. He watched the skin on his chest wriggle unnaturally, bubbling up, finally splitting into an inch-long gash. Blood flowed across raw flesh. Pain filled him utterly. As the cockroach pushed its way out of the hole and crawled across his chest, the screams echoed loudly only in his mind.

\\ Test unit 5yk77 has moved off mission.  Report.
// 5yk77 has left post, is not found.
\\ Continue without unit.
// Understood.

Gregor woke that morning changed. There was no wound, no evidence of anything but nightmare. Yet he could not shake the feeling that he was not alone in his skin. He went about his days feeling things moving inside him. His muscles would move of their own volition. His bones itched. His blood slowed. He felt madness growing inside him pushing his passengers to the surface.

// Mission compromised.   
// 5yk77 has caused presence fugue in subject.
\\ Abort.
// Understood.

Gregor stumbled and fell into an alley. Limbs shaking uncontrollably, his heart skipped, then slowed. His jaw locked open. As his life faded, roaches poured out of his mouth, scattering into the darkness.

Abandoning the ship.

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  1. I should know better than to read these things before bed.

  2. I appreciate this little story by you as a person who recently took a lit class in which we studied the crap out of Metamorphosis. I hated every minute of it. I must admit, I’m not that deep. I don’t like to search for deeper meanings to stuff, and I can’t stand when music gets all metaphorical on me (I’m looking at YOU, Tori Amos!) So I like your version better because I didn’t want to kill myself after the first page. Keep it up!

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