The unfolding…

Okay, I was going to limit myself to one post a day, for my own sanity if nothing else, but then I found this:

art of a woman coming apart in an artful way

Click to embiggen. (opens in a new window)

I don’t know who the artist is.  If you do, tell me, please!  This is the most horrifically beautiful thing I’ve seen in quite some time.  I found it on a Russian Live Journal photoblog called мисс “пардоньте за сиськи”, which near as I can figure translates to “Miss ‘Pardon for Boobs'”.  There are some quite interesting pieces of art and photography on there.  As you can imagine from the name, a good chunk of it is NSFW.  But hey, where else are you going to find boobs on the internet?

Be seeing you.

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